Cards are a smart way to propose choices to the end user in the chatbot. It will display a carousel with images, text, links and buttons.


The chatbot will propose two options:

  • Leave a message with customer support, which triggers the next step : "Leave a message"
  • Explore the help center, then it opens a new window


The buttons have three possible outputs :

1- Link to a Step or Story

When the user clicks the button, it will trigger a Step (as in the example below), or a new Story.

2- Link to a URL

When the user clicks the button, it will open the URL that you specified.

3- "Share" (Facebook Messenger only)

The Card can be shared to the user's address book. More details here.

Platform-specific capability (channels integration)

The "Send Cards" Action is only available for Facebook Messenger and for the Clustaar Webchat.

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