To connect a chatbot, you need to have set up an Intercom App.

Once it is done, or if you already had an Intercom app, we can dive in :-)

Go to your Clustaar Platform, enter the "Channels" tab, and clic on Intercom. A window will open on your right.

You need to fill the fields.

1. Admin ID

First, you need to create a profile for your chatbot in Intercom. Then, log-in to Intercom with this profile and copy the Admin ID in the URL.

This profile will be used by the bot to answer the users. 

Paste it in the field : 

2. Application Access token

You have to configure your Access token.

Click on "Get an access token".

Choose your configuration and create your token. 

Copy the Access token and paste it in the field.

3. Rescuer admin ID

When your bot transmits the user to a human, the conversation can be assigned to an Intercom user or team.
Put the Admin ID of this user or team in this field.

4. Handle unassigned conversations ?

Check it if you want the bot to respond to the unassigned Intercom conversations.

5. Client secret

Select the "Basic information" section:

Client secret is displayed at the bottom. Copy and paste it in the corresponding field of your Intercom configuration panel in Clustaar platform.

6. Configure webhook in Intercom 

Copy and paste the URL given in Clustaar platform in "Your request endpoint URL" field in Intercom Webhook configuration.

  • Then, in "Webhook topics" section, select :
    - New message from a user or lead
    - Reply from a user or lead
    - Reply from your teammates

6. Activate integration

When all the fields are filled, save changes and activate the integration.

Your bot is now active on Intercom!

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