You can easily add emojis in your bot's responses with a simple copy and paste from EmojiPedia.

Choose your emoji:

On EmojiPedia, look for your emoji with the search toolbar.


You can also find some inspiration from the emojis list:


Copy your emoji

On the emoji page, you just have to click on the “Copy” button.


Use your emoji on the Clustaar bot builder

How to:

Enter in your Step, add your Action and copy your emoji.


Save the Step.

Now your bot sends emojis! ✌️


Where can I use it?

Everywhere! In text action, quick replies and cards!


How your emoji reacts on different devices

Be careful — your emoji may look different depending on the device. Example of growing heart emoji:


On Messenger in Chrome for a Windows Device:


On Messenger for an iPhone 6s device:

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